Storage Limits

For Pro Stream accounts, you will receive 100 gigs of storage (at least 1 year of recorded video). For Premium accounts, you will receive 250 gigs of storage (at least 2 years of recorded video).

Simultaneous Viewers Limit

Unlimited for all accounts using our paid platform.


For premium accounts, hundreds of servers are located in every country:

North America | South America | Europe | Asia Pacific

Playback on Devices

Live and On-Demand playback is available for all devices to include iOS, Android, Windows, etc with adaptive bitrate for account owners who choose HD broadcasting.

Video and Audio

Our ingest prefers H.264 for video and AAC for audio to properly display on all devices.

Live Stream Recording

All live stream recordings are limited to 12 hours per recording and will be delivered as MP4 files. All files are available for download to the account owner or designee.

Server Ingestion

Server ingestion is in Dallas, Tx Central Hub for Live and On-Demand. For live only accounts, ingest is located in Shreveport, LA and Phoenix Arizona. Ingest protocol is rtmp over port 1935 with https as transcode

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