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Update Browser

We recommend viewing on an up-to-date version of Firefox or Chrome. Go here to get the latest version of Firefox or Chrome. One benefit of Chrome is that it already has Adobe Flash installed by default. If you need to use Internet Explorer and are having issues there are further Internet Explorer specific troubleshooting steps here.

Internet Speed Test

One of the most accurate ways to determine if it is a bandwidth issue is by running a speed test Click Here.

Your download speed must be at least 350kb to enjoy a buffer/pause free experience. If you are not receiving these speeds, contact your provider because we are sure you’re paying for more.

Choose a lower quality

Many streams are now available in HD with multiple bitrates. Pro Broadcasting accounts allow for multiple bitrate broadcasting. If you are watching on mobile the bitrate will adjust automatically. If you are watching on a laptop / desktop computer, you can manually adjust the bitrate you are watching.

Install and Update Adobe Flash

Go here and follow the steps outlined on that page to make sure that you have an up to date version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Do this on the same computer and browser that you are trying to watch on.

Check Computer Resources

A possible cause of choppiness or pausing playback is insufficient CPU resources on the broadcaster or the viewer side. Older computer’s graphics cards may have a difficult time encoding and decoding live and recorded video.  We recommend shutting down all other applications and browser tabs / windows while broadcasting and viewing if you are experiencing playback problems.

Mobile Viewing

All streams on are available for viewing on iOS and Android devices. All Broadcasting accounts are automatically optimized for mobile.

Didn’t work?  Shoot us a quick email or mention it in the chat window and we will respond quickly for support.

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